Who do you love?

who-do-you-loveWho are your top three favorite authors, and what is your favorite book by each writer? I’ve already more than covered this topic in my author groupie post. Your turn.



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4 responses to “Who do you love?

  1. Beck

    Vee, I can’t answer questions quickly because I have to mull them over for weeks. Ha! Ann Tyler’s one of my favorite authors. I loved Ladder of Years. In fact, I may pull it off the shelf and read it again. Another favorite was James Michener — all his historical novels except his last one. Joyce Carol Oates, Anita Shreve, Amy Tan, Jodi Picoult . . . Herman Wouk’s Don’t Stop the Carnival. I have a hard time making decisions. Never go shopping with me!

  2. allthingsarial

    Thanks for playing, Beck. I’ve read several of Tyler’s books, but not Ladder of Years. I’ve also read a couple of Shreve’s works – I liked Sea Glass very much – and several by Amy Tan, but nothing recent. OK, note to self: Don’t go shopping with Beck.

  3. Ann

    This is a tough question! The 1st name that popped into my head was Erica Spindler & my favorite book of hers is Bone Cold. She only publishes 1 book every year or so & it makes a difference–you can tell a lot of research goes into them. Am now reading the newest Anita Shreve
    ” Testimony”. Reading becky response–I love Michener, too! And I still have all my Taylor Caldwell from HS.

  4. allthingsarial

    Ann, I will check out Erica Spindler. Thanks for your reply. I agree about research – I also like to know that writers do their homework.

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