The Sunday Salon: Three from ’93

The Sunday Salon.comWith a busy work week spent reading (and editing) all day, every day, I didn’t read much besides blogs in the evenings. But during this three-day weekend, I finished So Far from God by Ana Castillo and began The Robber Bride by Margaret Atwood. Both were originally published in 1993, I noticed today.

I loved the first half of So Far From God, but I found the latter part of the book disjointed and even didactic. Being a fan of magical realism, I loved Caridad’s story. Loca was a stretch for me, however. Sofi came to life as an interesting character for awhile, but ultimately fell flat.

I’m about halfway through the audio version of Three Cups of Tea, and I hope it remains as absorbing and entertaining as it’s been so far. When I first began listening to audiobooks, I planned on nonfiction only – travel, food, and the like. But I’ve since enjoyed many works of fiction while driving, so I suppose I’ll continue to mix it up. Greg Mortenson’s quest to build schools in Pakistan began when he stumbled into a small village in – yep, 1993 – although his story wasn’t published until 2006.

The Robber Bride is the third of Atwood’s books I’ve read. I found it during lunch one day at a used bookstore, shortly after reading Caribou’s Mom review (link to Wendy’s site on the right). I’m wondering if Zenia will turn out to be anything like Zozie in JoAnne Harris’s The Girl with No Shadow – one of my favorite literary villains!



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4 responses to “The Sunday Salon: Three from ’93

  1. Three Cups of Tea is on my TBR list for this year. I lucked out and saw it in a used bookstore the day after someone had brought it in. I know it wouldn’t have lasted much longer than that. I look forward to reading it. I have not listened to audiobooks much because even renting them costs a lot more money than buying a book used and our local libraries’ audiobook selections are very limited. I like the idea of trying nonfiction on audiobooks too. I don’t know why I never even considered that, lol. I’ll be interested to know how you feel about Three Cups of Tea when you finish.

  2. allthingsarial

    I’ll let you know, writingimpromptu. Thanks for stopping by. Used bookstores are wonderful for finding treasures.

    As for audiobooks, besides renting from the library, I also subscribe to a rental service. It costs $15 per month. Well worth it, to me.

  3. Oh, I hope you will love The Robber Bride – it is one of my favorite Atwood novels…I’ll look forward to reading your thoughts 🙂 Three Cups of Tea is on my wish list….

  4. allthingsarial

    Thanks, Wendy!

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