More beach reading

During the two consecutive long weekends I spent at the beach, I read two books, and although one is old and one new, the two are similar in length and themes.

guernsey_literaryWhile we were at Atlantic Beach, I read The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society, which was recently released in paperback.  This is an often LOL-funny and engaging little read – about 275 pages – and one I’ve had my eye on since its hardcover publication. This link summarizes the authors’ intriguing background and the history upon which they based their story.

Island life is always one of my favorite themes, and Guernsey captures life in the Channel Islands well. In some ways, it reminded me of Coastliners, my third-favorite work by JoAnne Harris, author of Chocolat and its sequel, The Girl with No Shadow.



persian_pickleLast weekend, I read The Persian Pickle Club by Sandra Dallas, which I picked up at a used bookshop. At first, I had trouble tracking all of the characters, but it wasn’t long before they became distinct personalities. Set in Kansas during the Depression, the book exceeds its theme of small-town women’s bonds in hardscrabble times by including a page-turning mystery.

Published in 1995, The Persian Pickle Club has motivated me to read other works by the author – I bought used copies The Chili Queen and Tallgrass last week. Here’s a short review of the book, which also weighs in under 300 pages.

I highly recommend both books for light reading that is nonetheless well written – and even informative.


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  1. Vee, thanks for The Persian Pickle Club. Sounds great since I’m from Kansas. I just finished Swimsuit by James Patterson. Don’t one of my favorites since it was about serial killings. Ugh. I could use some light fare!

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