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It’s Tuesday. Where are you? (Dec. 16, 2008)

tuesdaywhereareyouI found a fun site that asks you to share where your reading is taking you today – have you met some interesting people?

This Tuesday, I am 26 years old and have moved back to my rich family’s home in Jackson, Mississippi. It’s 1966 – the Civil Rights era – and fueled by gin, I am working with a theater group that has begun to cast black people in plays. I’m finally making my break from the bourgeoisie. I’ve studied creative writing under Eudora Welty and am transforming from a bored housewife into a playwright. (Ellen Gilchrist, The Writing Life)

In my car, I’m in 16th-century Chile with Doña Inés Suárez and Don Pedro de Valdivia, helping conquer a country by subjecting its indigeneous peoples to unimaginable violence and atrocities. But with care and compassion – in a healing, loving way, of course. (audiobook of Inés of My Soul by Isabel Allende)

Where are you and what are you up to in your reading?


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Sunday Salon

The Sunday Salon.comWhat a week! The toilet didn’t fall through the floor, and I am happy about that.

I finished the contemporary fantasy I began last week, Solstice Wood, and I enjoyed it much. I need to pay more attention to this genre. It was a good story, and Patricia A. McKillip writes so well. I understand why she’s won awards.

 Now I’m reading The Writing Life by Ellen Gilchrist.  Her essays are wonderful and are just the dose of non-fiction I needed. I found it at the used bookstore I frequent.

I’m well into Ines of My Soul, the audio book I’m listening to. A good historical fiction novel, and the reader  is excellent.

In the used bookstore, I picked up a hard copy of  Thirteen Senses by Victor Villasenor. Reviewers suggest reading Rain of Gold first, but I won’t. If I like Thirteen Senses, I’ll go backward and read the others. I also found a hard copy of City of the Beasts, a YA book that I considered for my friend Susan’s daughter. But the reviews are so mixed on this one, so I’m not sure.

Happy reading to all!


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A Girl Named Zippy

Who: Haven Kimmel

Why: A clever, amusing, engaging memoir of growing up in the Midwest. I listened to the audiobook version, although I also own the book. Kimmel has a new book out, Iodine,  that I intend to read, along with her two other novels, She Got Up Off the Couch and Something Rising (Light and Swift) . She now lives in Durham, NC, and is a graduate of the creative writing program at N.C. State University, also my alma mater and where I now work. But I would love this book regardless of any local ties, because it’s a happy, lovely memoir.

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The Tender Bar

Who: J.E. Moehringer
 Anytime you’re feeling nostalgic for those glory days
Why: It took me the longest time to figure out that tender bar = bar tender. Duh! This is one of the best memoirs I’ve ever read. The characters are authentic – to me, at least. A funny and poignant read, chock-full of people I cared about and, in a roundabout fashion, recognized.

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