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The Lace Reader

Who: Brunonia Barry

When: You’re in the mood for a creepy mystery. Today is good. (Halloween)

Why: The story behind this book is interesting for a couple of reasons. For one, the author self-published 2,000 copies before selling it for a cool $2 million to one of three major publishers who got into a bidding war. How often does that happen? Then there’s the fact that there’s no such thing as lace reading. The author dreamed up the entire concept. This NPR article will fill you in on the story behind the story and also includes an excerpt.

As for the book itself, I was both skeptical of and intrigued by all the hype surrounding its publication. I figured the publisher was spending big bucks to promote it, not wanting to lose the bet on a self-published book. But intrigue prevailed – after all, it’s a book about Salem witches. I enjoyed it overall, although one part lagged, IMO. I lent it to another editor at work who reads mysteries more than I do. She really liked it.


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